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“MahVen PTY LTD” believe in “Always customer objective first”, is an Australian registered IT & Network consulting and Recruitment company operating in Sydney & Melbourne.


We work with customers to support & achieve their valued objectives. We have developed in house Automation Testing framework to support CI/CD pipelines and also can achieve automation for UI, API, DB, Mobile and any 3rd party systems/Client servers.


We also provide the resource recruitment services to help our customers with the highly skilled candidates temporary or permanent positions. Whether you’re looking for the IT consulting services, Automation testing services or next career opportunity or looking to hire new talent; “MahVen” can help you.



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58 reviews
  • Leouel Jr Santos
    Leouel Jr Santos
    5 months ago

    It was a great experience for me and my family, I can drive myself but the experience is safer and more relaxing. I don’t need to worry about my vehicle and the best thing is that I can drink as much as I can on the trip 🍻🍺 and sleep on the way home. Staff’s are friendly and you get a chance to meet other people who also love to go on an adventure. Affordable rates and hassle free booking, on time pickup and drop off.

  • R.E. View
    R.E. View
    a month ago

    Daintree, Cape Tribulation 1 Day Tour: My ears are still ringing from too much commentary. Driver/guide reprimanded some of us for not heading back to the bus quickly enough (it's OK, we got there on time). Otherwise saw a lot and the tour was well paced. Fun fact for the guide: koalas are not bears ...

  • Ren Dav
    Ren Dav
    5 months ago

    Unfortunately a very bad experience... not helpful or nice team members DO NOT USE THEM googled ULURU TRAVEL company and they came up in the search... yet they are "sightseeing tours"???

  • chris
    2 weeks ago

    Awful organisation, they're perfectly happy to advertise their tours and to take your money for a booking. They'll then call and cancel a few days before.

  • M W
    M W
    2 months ago

    DO NOT BOOK. YOU WILL NOT GET YOUR 100% COVID REFUND GUARANTEE. Our flights were cancelled due to COVID. At the time of booking (April 2021), the website's terms and conditions clearly wrote that a 100% refund will be available due to various COVID reasons. The man I spoke to - Cameron Ward instigated a unprofessional argument over the phone. I told him I don't want to start an argument, but he continued. I tried to explain to him that their terms and conditions and 100% COVID refund guarantee was misleading ("...and you are unable to attend to attend your tour due to imposed goverment restrictions") and contradicts the entire terms and conditions including the cancellation policy wording. I also tried to explain that the information was not clear during the time of booking; but he would not budge and continued to argue with me. I tried to stop him arguing with me but he continued to pursue the conversation. During our conversation he also incorrectly quoted the company's own terms and conditions which made me concerned as the messaging is very inconsistent. He continued to instant that I was cancelling the tour off my own accord and not due to COVID. Note that both the airline and accommodation I booked with have refunded 100% of the booking. This company is not doing the right thing by customers. Save yourself from an argumentative person; and save your money! They have been reported to Consumer Affairs.

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